Jay Bruber

Chief Executive Officer

Jay is an entrepreneurial leader who’s helped shape Persolvent into the diversified technology powerhouse it is today. He’s passionate about Persolvent’s products and business partners, and his enthusiasm for technology and innovation runs throughout the company.

As CEO, Jay’s focus is on Persolvent’s planned growth and company culture, putting together great teams and setting up his employees for success. This attention to the core of the business flows through to everything Persolvent does, with a focus on honesty, integrity, and passion for innovative technology. Jay’s ability to form win-win business relationships has helped Persolvent partner with some of the country’s largest companies. In addition, he is on the advisory board for Vantiv, the second largest payment processor in the United States.

Jay enjoys sharing his passion for entrepreneurship and spends his free time pursuing passion projects and spreading his knowledge. When he’s not in the office, you will often find Jay at the cabin with his family or in the cockpit of his Cessna 206.