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Increasing Profits and Customer Satisfaction: How Payment Solutions Add Value to Your Retail Business

Increasing Profits and Customer Satisfaction: How Payment Solutions Add Value to Your Retail Business

Customers are a demanding bunch, and those demands never quite seem to stay the same. Technology has changed the way we do practically everything, from paying our bills to buying a pack of gum. If you're a retail store owner, you need to know why having the latest in processing technology can move your business forward.


A Sign of the Times


Merchants have seen the shift from cash to credit cards over many years, but there's no doubt in anyone's minds that we're moving towards a more digital society. Customers are no longer as patient as they may have once been before, as they have become accustomed to getting what they want quickly. If retail stores cannot keep a line moving smoothly, there is no incentive for the customer to come back just to have to wait in line at machines that are out of date or otherwise underperforming.


Security Now


There's more to credit card merchant accounts than just the convenience angle. The vast majority of credit card fraud is caused by user error, meaning you need software and programs that are user-friendly in order to mitigate your risk. When you have a new employee who is trying to get used to the process in the middle of a huge rush, you cannot afford to have a potential breach due to their inexperience. While we may hear about the mega-retailers and their credit card breaches more often, small businesses are just as vulnerable. The only difference is that small businesses don't have the same type of recognition, and sadly, don't have the same type of resources to combat major fees from a breach or to recover from a loss of reputation.


Instead of leaving your profits to chance, invest in credit card processing that is both safe, fast and effective. Most merchants have inferior software and don't even realize it. This is because software has to change quickly: the longer it's out on the market, the more chances hackers have to figure out its flaws. All the upgrades are not just a way to force you to spend more money, but an attempt to thwart both internal and external threats. Persolvent has custom payment processing systems that keep you relevant to your customers for a better bottom line. Find out more about how our software can work for you.



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