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5 Challenges of Taking Credit Cards at Schools

5 Challenges of Taking Credit Cards at Schools

Education has changed over the course of the past few decades. The advent of technology has altered many of the traditions, and has caused people to lose some sense of faith in the system. Credit card payments in schools are necessary for a variety of reasons, but they come with their own set of challenges.


1. The Attitudes

Parents may be (understandably) a little unnerved to pull out their credit card in their child's school. It may seem as though the school is trying to operate as a business rather than an institution.


2. Safety

Where there are credit card payments, there are criminals. Schools have a tendency to keep older equipment due to the budget or a lack of knowledge about the dangers of running updated software on old technology.


3. Complicated Payments

When a parent is trying to pay for a standard fee and the administrator can't quite seem to get the hang of the mechanisms needed to process the card, it creates a lasting and negative impression about the overall organization of the school.


4. Lack of Support

When the machines collapse or there's a duplicate charge caused by a faulty software glitch, it can be difficult to get the proper people on the phone for the problem to be fixed. Education merchant accounts need to be meticulously kept, maintained and reviewed, but not every processor understands the importance of these preventative and proactive steps.


5. Recurring Payment Problems

If you're one of the many schools that makes use of ACH payment processing for recurring payments, you may have noticed that you come up against your fair share of questions, comments and complaints about the processing time, charge amounts or the steps needed to fix a mistake.


Persolvent is highly aware of each of these challenges, and have steadfastly worked to address each of them with our software. We ensure every payment you take is streamlined to the highest degree. The more your software works with the school staff and parents alike, the more trust and goodwill will be generated on both sides. Our systems make it easy for quick transactions and timely processing. If you're looking for a new student credit card processing solution in a K – 12 school, give us a call to learn more about how we satisfy our clients' needs.





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