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How Well Are Your Employees Billing Their Time?

How Well Are Your Employees Billing Their Time?

Billing is an important matter for those who need the money, but that doesn't mean it's important for the professionals who need to input the information on top of their other daily duties. In fact, one study showed that 40% of the employees didn't even consider how much time they spent reading or answering emails for clients. When looked at on a national level, that's literally billions of dollars that are being lost a day all to poor time-keeping practices. The problem is that employees get paid regardless of which clients or customers they work with, and they already have a busy schedule. If you suspect that the numbers aren't quite adding up, keep the following points in mind.


Ask and Receive

You may want to start with asking everyone how they feel about inputting their time. Some people feel dishonest if they bill a full hour when they spent 5 minutes talking to a co-worker about their weekend, and some may just find it too time-consuming. Once you know their real feelings, it may be time to start increasing your supervision of their information. Mistakes can mean confused or angry clients which will eventually show up on your bottom line. It isn't about not trusting your employees or making them feel as though they're being watched. This is a necessary process in any company, so remind them that no matter how busy they are, they should be able to make quick notes to help them remember later what they did.


Find Better Ways to Track the Time

Spreadsheets can become confusing — especially when trying to bill for extremely short amounts of time. Persolvent is well known for creating custom payment solutions and merchant accounts, but our software is actually designed to take care of the full billing process for the benefit of both customers and companies. With time keeping such a big part of the billing process, you'll find that we make it much easier to keep track of it all. Professionals will still have their fair share of work, but they'll be able to use an intuitive platform. Our software is customizable as well, meaning you're able to enforce specific rules about deadlines or billing exceptions for certain clients. This means even if they need to justify their time months later, they'll be able to follow the progression of the work.



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