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3 Tools Your Small Business Needs to Process Credit Cards

3 Tools Your Small Business Needs to Process Credit Cards

A small business needs a payment system that works for them, but the problem is that once merchants get used to one type of processing, they're told they need to change it. It opens up the door for errors, frustrations and even potentially major fees. The good news is that there are tools you can use to better your business and increase your security.


1)       Tokenization

Sometimes the perimeter and malware protections you take just aren't good enough, and PCI DSS requirements have done everything possible to send that message to merchants. There are simply too many ways that hackers know how to close in on the data they want. Tokenization is end to end encryption which makes it easy for you to simplify your security practices, while making it harder for criminals to decipher data they've stolen. In other words, thieves have everything they need in front of them, and they're still unable to commit fraud against your payment system.


2)   Customization

One of the best ways to process credit cards is to ensure that your payment solution can be customized. Your customers, employees and payment processor are all looking for something different when it comes to making the payment process easy to do, and the ability to meet those needs is pivotal to the survival of any business. This is especially true as the needs of consumers are constantly being pushed one way or the other by new technologies and expectations. Customization also helps your staff be able to answer questions, by keeping information organized and readily available.


3)   The Right Partner

Having the right partner can be a truly invaluable tool to any business. Services like custom merchant account integration requires an experienced staff, and those who know how to implement a system without causing disruption to daily operations. Most merchants can't afford to have their payment systems down during critical business times or to spend hours trying to explain the problem to several different people. This makes the investment in payment solutions one of the most important decisions a merchant could possibly make, and a long-term relationship really needs to be a priority.


Persolvent offers everything from ACH to API solutions, and we can do it all without speaking in jargon. We can provide your business with the tools it needs to keep their payment information safe from criminals, while making the software easy for everyone to use.  Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about our custom payment solutions available for your business today.



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