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Spending in America This Year: Why People Are More Confident

Spending in America This Year: Why People Are More Confident

Regardless of how you feel about the recent events in the world, there's no doubt that it's had an effect on the economy. From Brexit to Trump, there's a lot happening to influence consumer confidence. Find out more about why people (at least at the start of this year) are feeling like they have a license to spend.


The Future's So Bright

The economy has always been reactive, so consumers spend now based on what they think will happen in the future. While Trump has had a lot of opponents, he's been extremely vocal about bringing more money into the United States. The more people believe the economy will be stimulated, the more likely it is they will feel confident that spending now won't cripple their savings later on down the line.


Lasting Strength

While no one knows the future, the optimism is not necessarily likely to wear off soon. Regardless of the reasons why companies are choosing to forego moving their operations overseas, the fact is that there's more information in the news about it. The more news there is about it, the more likely it is that people will continue to keep using their credit cards, checking accounts and cash for the goods and services they both need and want.


What This Means

Be ready. Make sure your payment system is ready to work hard and that your employees know how to use it. When more people are willing to use their credit card, it means that more people will expect that the process will be simple from start to finish.


Persolvent offers custom payment solutions for small businesses of every kind, and can make credit card processing safe, effective and extremely easy to use. Our company is devoted to making our clients as successful as they can be for the new year and beyond.



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